Monday, May 04, 2009

top flight

Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Nagoya, Japan are the world's four best airports, according to the annual Airport Service Quality Survey released by Geneva-based Airports Council International. Those flight hubs impressed the more than 200,000 passengers at 126 airports from around the world who took part in the quarterly airport surveys and rated the passenger experience based on more than 30 service-quality factors, including courtesy, cleanliness, and overall ambience. While Asian airports aren't immune to the economic downturn and the fall in airline traffic that has come with it, governments around the region are intent on maintaining their lead. Big expansion projects are underway, for instance, in Shanghai and Seoul. The top performing airports in other regions were Zurich, Switzerland (Europe), Halifax, Canada (North America), Guayaquil, Ecuador (Latin America & Caribbean), Tel Aviv (Middle East) and George, South Africa (Africa).

Lástima que no me toca cruzar por ninguno de ellos... :P


R@yPG said...

Yo estuve en el de nagoya y esta impresionante aunque nunca pensé que fuera de los 4 mejores jojo bueno ahora lo se, lastima que solo tome poquitas fotos como 3 del areopuerto buuu..

::júbilo::haku:: said...

el de halifax lo conozco! claro que fue en un viaje de 5 aeropuertos.. asi que lo confundo :P

Aranzazu said...

ya ves Ray, siempre hay que tener la cámara lista!!! un abrazo!

no importa, Dn Jubilee (como la línea del Tube), con haber parado cuenta...alguna foto que lo corrobore?